Experience Scuba

If you haven't dived before, or have learnt on holiday, or are returning to the sport after a break, we recommend you come along for a no obligation ‘Experience Scuba’ session which includes a Try-dive in the swimming pool.

‘Experience Scuba’ can help you save time and money by finding out in advance if you like diving. It allows you the chance to sample an exciting sport and to gain an insight into the fascinating world beneath the waves.

All we ask is that you are reasonably confident in the water and can swim about 200 metres. We also recommend that you bring along an old T-shirt as well as your swimwear, towel and money. We will provide you with all the necessary diving equipment but if you have a mask or fins, please bring them along.
There is no upper age limit; for the younger person, the lower age limit is 14 years and they must be accompanied by an adult for the Experience Scuba session.
You will be given some basic classroom and poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment, including a full safety briefing.
You will then be kitted out with club equipment and an instructor will take you for a lesson in the pool. This will give you a good introduction to scuba diving and a feel for what it is like underwater. If you are still interested then you can join in our entry level course designed to permit you to dive with experienced divers or divers of a similar grade (within defined limits).